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How do I know how much to order?

All of our panels come 27 inches wide and you pick the size height you need. First start by measuring your wall width and height in inches. Then, you will divide the width of your wall by 27, that will give you the number of panels you need. For example; a wall that is 120”wide by 96” tall, you would start by taking 120 and dividing it by 27 which equals 4.444. So you would need 5 panels of the 27”x96” option.

What material is your wallpaper printed on?

We use a fabric-like material that is 99% polyester with a self adhesive backing. This material is temporary but lasts for up to 10 years. It does not wrinkle and is re-adjustable, so if you make a mistake while applying you can take it off and reapply!

Sample Sizing?

All samples are printed smaller than actual size of wall murals due to the fact customers have requested to see all colors in design. To request the actual sizing of sample that must be approved through custom order. There are NO refunds or exchanges for paper that is already shipped without custom sizing. 

What surfaces will the wallpaper stick to?

A smooth surface works the best with our product, all textured walls are different so we cannot guarantee that your texture will work. Also, a matte finish on paint is best as well, with a glossy paint it is hard for the material to adhere to your wall. We suggest you buy a sample first to see if our material works on your wall.

If you have newly painted walls, we suggest waiting a week or two for the paint to outgas before applying, otherwise you risk bubbling or the paper to not adhere.

Returns and/or exchanges

Due to the fact that all of our wallpapers are custom made for each order, please note that all orders are FINAL, we do not offer returns or exchanges. You may cancel an order within 24 hours of placing your order. If you receive your paper and it is damaged, please send photos as soon as it arrives and we will get back with you.