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Simple Neutral Thanksgiving Tabelscape

Simple Neutral Thanksgiving Tabelscape

Thanksgiving is such a sweet time for me, I love pulling out old recipes and being in the kitchen with my Mom and Daughter while hearing football in the background (because let’s be honest, I’m definitely not watching it). More so, the holidays bring the reminder that we are meant to be in community, being surrounded by family and friends while thinking of those who need some extra love is so special. So to welcome the holiday season, I wanted to get outside of wallpaper for a second to share my Thanksgiving table with you all for some inspiration and maybe share a few tips with you.

 Use what you already have

I don’t know about you, but I immediately want to go out and buy everything new when having people over at my house for a special occasion. However, once took inventory of what I already had, I found that I didn’t have to buy as much as I thought. Go through your kitchen and see what you already have first! It's the season to be thankful, so let us be thankful for what we have first, a vintage plate set would be so pretty if you have a set from Grandma.


I love the look of adding and combining textures. Between a wood table, the natural placemats and florals, it pairs so well together and adds a lot to your table. Try playing with different runners, and color through your florals and candles. I tried having a more rusting plate and placemat option while having more elegant centerpiece options, and I think they complimented each other well!

If you need to buy…

Maybe this is your first Thanksgiving and you need to buy some items for your table? Try buying main things that you can reuse for other holidays, like these plates and placemats I will reuse for every special occasion. They are neutral so that they can be dressed up in any color scheme. I am all about minimalism, having a different plate set for every holiday can become very overwhelming. Then I can switch up the napkins and the centerpieces for other seasons. 


I originally wanted big pumpkins as a center piece, but no stores had any after Halloween so I improvised and went to Trader Joes for some flowers and their selection never disappoints. Also, I got this eucalyptus garland to fill out the table a bit.


I wanted a gold silverware and candlestick but nothing too shiny since I had some rustic elements here too, so I ended up with the champagne silverware. 

I love how the plates are not perfectly round, it adds a hint of farmhouse/ rustic.

I die over these napkins and placemats.


I hope you guys found some of this helpful and that you have such an amazing day with your loved ones.  

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